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  Resistance: Description:
SHA 5006 F1 Very good Alternaria tolerance

Nantes/Flakee cross type.

SHA 5006 F1 has very good Alternaria tolerance. 
Good hardiness. Suited for fresh market.
Strong leaf attachment with medium leaf size.
Cylindrical to conical shape, 22-24cm.
High yielding variety.
Sowing: August (out of winter) or February/ May (into winter)

SHA 5007 F1 Medium disease tolerance to Alternaria

Hybrid of the Nantes type

SHA 5007 F1 has round orange shoulders.
Leaf attachment is strong. Very uniform and high yielding.
Ideal for fresh market. Leaf size is medium.
Fruit is cylindrical to conical 20-22cm.
Sow through the summer.

SHA 5008 F1  

Hybrid of the Nantes type

A late maturing Nantes variety. Produces long cylindrical to conical shaped roots.
Very healthy tall tops. Roots are 24-26cm.
SHA 5008 F1 has good Alternaria dauci tolerance.
Ideal for the processing and fresh market. 
Very smooth and high yielding.
Sowing into summer and out of summer.