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Psp, BCMV, Cl

Bobby bean
High yield potential
Good quality pods

Dark green colour
60 days to maturity
12-14cm length
Disease resistance: Psp, BCMV, Cl




Giro has a rather vigorous plant.
Performs well in warm climatic conditions
A fine, mid-late variety with dark green, glossy pods.
Combined resistance to rust and halo blight

60-65 days to maturity
length: 13-14cm
Disease resistance: Psp, BCMV, Ua

GOYA (cylindrical/runner)

BCMV- bean common mosaic virus

Highly vigorous pole plant, with short internodes and a balanced foliage.  
Very early and highly productive, easy setting. Produces narrow, uniform and very straight cylindrical pods.
Length: 14 – 15cm, dark colour and easy harvesting.
Dry beans are white, small sized.
Good tolerance to cold weather. Keeps the pods straight even under low temperatures.
Early variety adapted to Autumn and spring culture in greenhouse.
Resistant to the bean common mosaic virus (BCMV).
Sowing to first harvest: 7-8 weeks
Weeks to first flush: 7 weeks until appearance of flowers
Weeks to second flush: 2-3 weeks after first flush
Weeks to third flush: Not normally as fruit quality is poor
Total weeks of picking: 9-13 weeks depending on cultivation and climate
Average yield per plant: 30tonss/ha harvesting 7-8.5mm pods during a 2 month harvesting period with a density of 17-20 000 plants per Ha.
When harvesting 5-6.5 mm diameter pods, yield is reduced by 30% or more.