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  Resistance: Description:
Prestige F1 Tolerant to Downy Mildew and Cercospora Leaf Spot.

An excellent globe shaped beet with smooth roots.
Dark red internal color.
Prestige F-1 is ideal for processing.
Medium green tops


Approximately 65 days.
Early variety with small green coloured foliage with red nerves.
Roundness light-red coloured root and white pulp with pink circles.
Uniquely beautiful flesh has alternating red and white concentric rings that resemble a bulls’eye.
Wonderful for fresh market and pickling. Retains markings if baked whole and sliced just before serving.

Detroit Dark Red  

Approximately 60 days to maturity.
Improved variety ideal for fresh marketing or processing.
Smooth globe type roots with better colour and more refined tops and tab roots.
Young leaves make very good greens. Late crops can be stored for winter use.


Royal F1

Very good disease tolerance to Downy mildew

Cercospora Leaf Spot.

High tolerance to bolting under stress

A smooth round F1 hybrid with high brix.
Very uniform roots
Bright green tops, medium height.
High tolerance to bolting under stress.
Super yields.