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Pengiun F1












This is a dedicated cool season variety with fairly wide adaptability.  Strong grower with dark leaves. A good yielder of fine quality suitable for punnets and processing. Yields are still satisfactory in summer but it produces bract leaves (leaves in between florets) when growing in the heat.

- Heads high dome.
- Fine, blue/green beads which are very attractive.

- Medium short floret stems.

- Excellent yields in winter.

- Beads don’t easily discolour with frost.

- Medium to medium late maturity.

- Proven for winter reliability over many years

Condor F1












This is a widely adapted variety which performs at it’s very best when sown in late winter and maturing into increasing day length.  When going into decreasing day length and through winter, it takes a little longer to mature. It will over winter with moderate frosts.

- Medium large, robust plants. Easy to grow.

- Domed heads and medium-short spears with medium fine beads. (700g +) make it very suitable for pre-packing.

-Very high yield potential

- Dark blue/green colour

- Medium early maturity which is consistent over varying conditions.

-Good field holding/shelf life (increased harvesting period) 

- Not prone to brown bead or bract leaves (leaves in between florets)

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