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  Resistance: Description:

POLO F1 hybrid





Strong against black rot





Summer variety.
Dark blue-green coloured plant.
Upright frame providing good head protection.
Outer leaves are upright, do not drop.
Average head size up to 4.6kg.
Uniform firm, round shaped.
Strong against black rot observed in the field.
Excellent internal quality with good flavour.

BASTION F1 hybrid








Good black rot resistance, good heat tolerance.





Early variety, resistance to bolting in early season after winter.
Heads are flat/round shape.
Flat butt making it well suited for packing into bags.
Can make good sized heads up to 6kg.
Nice sized frames and good head protection.
Thick leaves.
Does well through the summer season.
Able to perform through the winter in frost free and low frost areas.
Good black rot resistance, good heat tolerance.
Early maturing for the head size.

TALA F1 hybrid






Resistant to black rot






Tala is essentially a spring cabbage although it also does well in summer in areas with cool, wet weather. 

The plants and heads are a very attractive dark green colour with a smooth appearance. The heads are slightly flattened round and dense and good quality. Large heads can be formed with wider spacing. Very good yields are obtained with a high percentage cut.

Tala is very resistant to black rot and serves a need in the programme for a variety with both earliness and bolting tolerance. Strong, healthy seedlings are produced. It is furthermore resistant to tipburn (shedding of inner leaves) which is often a problem with spring sown cabbages.

Crimson Emerald F1

Tolerant to Black Rot.

Very high quality compact red cabbage, very solid interior with short core, excellent for long range transport.
Crimson Emerald F-1 Hyb. is widely adapted, very long field holding and bolting resistant. Matures in 70-80 days and weighs 1.4-1.6 kg.

Chinese Cabbage

Firm barrel shaped head, excellent for shipping, 65 days to maturity, very slow bolting , approximately 3.0-3.5 kg. in weight.
Very uniform marketing and head well wrapped.

Chinese Cabbage EMERALD SPRING F1  

This Napa class Chinese cabbage matures quite early (55-60 days after planting) in time for spring and summer. Other attractive qualities of this variety are it is slow bolting and has excellent shipping ability.
Barrel shaped heads weigh approximately 2.7 to 3.3 kg.

Chinese Cabbage NAGAOKA




Versatile and quick growing
Approximately 25 days baby leaf 50 days mature plant.
A versatile and quick growing plant, delicious as cabbage for use in salads. Its crisp, solid heart makes it an ideal and nourishing alternative to lettuce; delicate flavour.
Grows well in sun or partial shade
Sowing late spring to early summer or fall
Plants can be harvested at any stage.


Brussel Sprout IGOR F1



Medium late, high yielding variety. Vigorous growth, approx. 80cm high, particularly stable. The sprouts are dark green, firm, smooth and of uniform quality from top to bottom.
Very good robustness against frost, healthy.
Suitable for hand picking as well as for machine picking.