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Medium vigorous plant with few secondary flowers. Easy setting
during the whole cycle. Very well adapted to long cycles.
Smooth, half-long and uniform fruits measuring 20-22 x 8-10cm.
Keeps its exceptionally rich dark colour at the end of winter.
Firm, seedless flesh with good shelf life. Green, spineless calyx.
An early and productive variety giving excellent results under greenhouse conditions.
Tunnel/open field







Medium/tall attitude plant with medium vigor. 77 days to maturity.
Fruit is firm and oval with little heart shape.
Fruits weighs approx 420-440g, size is 16-17cm x 8-9cm
Good fruit colouring.
Open field








Medium erect habit plant. Compact with very early production.
Excellent setting under hot conditions.
Round shaped fruit, smooth and shiny black in colour.
Seven has a firm seedless flesh. Small green spineless calyx.
A productive variety adapted to greenhouse and open field conditions.
Open field