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Processing, Fresh Market, Frozen, Pea Shoots

Days to full pod set: approx. 120 days
Plant is upright, 80-100cm, does not need supports. Semi-indeterminate. 
Extremely vigorous pod setting.
Approx. 90 days to flowers, which are white.
Fruit height 50-70cm
12-14 pods per stem.
The pod is deep green, medium short, straight, containing 7-10 grains/pod.
Wrinkled medium-small seed

CASCADIA Powdery Mildew and Enation Virus

Fresh Market sugar snap pea

58-65 days maturity.
A snap pea with unusually thick-walled pods.
Dark green pods are at their peakat about 7cm long, and have sweet, wrinkled little peas inside at that time. Crisp and juicy.
The plants require no stacking, since they reach only 75cm in height.
A newer variety that has some disease resistance:
    Powdery Mildew
    Enation Virus

OREGON SUGAR POD   Mange Tout type