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  Resistance: Description:
LARIA F1 ZQ, WM, CMV, Powdery Mildew

Summer variety

Plant: Very vigorous plant with strong resistance to virus and powdery mildew.
Fruit: Long, straight, cylindrical shaped fruit. Dark green fruit, firm white flesh, good shelf life.
Recommendation: Vigorous plant adapted to greenhouse and open field, requires hot conditions, not to be used for open filed in cold winter areas. The vigour of the plant allows harvest during 30-50 days with a constant fruit quality.



Scallop type squash

It is a precocious yellow scallop squash with a flat disk shape. 
The fruit holds its shape longer on and off the the vine.
High yielding, flavourful fruit and small blossom end scar make it ideal for the fresh, home garden or baby vegetable markets.
The first bigger fruits can be picked 70 days after sowing.